ANN & ABBS GETTIN' ABS: Free Day - Bootcamp Pt. 2

Posted by: Anna Saul on Friday, July 14, 2017

I’m not sure why I made the conscious decision to go back to Boot Camp. Yet, there I was, strolling into an obstacle course in the gymnasium, with a stupid smile on my face. Even though I feel like quitting multiple times throughout each of AJ’s classes, I leave every single class feeling completely beat up and incredibly accomplished.

Today’s Boot Camp class was different than last week’s, which was done in the lower level circuit studio (formerly a racquetball court). This week, AJ set up an obstacle course in the gym, featuring a number of stations. We were instructed to complete either 12 reps of an exercise or 1 pass through each transition station (e.g., climbing a rope hanging from the ceiling). AJ floated between stations yelling at us to keep working or helping us through exercises. I use the term “helping” rather loosely because something about sitting on the tire that I’m trying to pull across the gym floor doesn’t feel particularly helpful. On the other hand, she was nothing but encouraging when I was really struggling to move more than a foot up the rope.

AJ does such a great job of pushing each of us to our limits and making us feel like we’ve worked SO HARD. Her classes always make me feel like I’ve gotten a true workout. It can definitely be intimidating to take a class like boot camp, especially when there are exercises that you feel like you just can’t do. But I didn’t once feel embarrassed during boot camp. Even though I’m nowhere near being able to get to the top of the rope, I know that I’m in a supportive environment where I’m getting better/higher each time I work out.



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