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Summer 2021

Are you as ready as your kids to think about next summer?
Read on for letters from the Director & FAQs about Camp JCC Summer 2021.

Please note that this page is a living document and will be updated as new information becomes available and/or when our plans change.

  LETTERS from the director  


Dear Camp JCC families, 

Picture this: Morning has begun.  Your kids are following directions the first time you give them (ok, maybe the second, but no arguing). You are out the door on time, no traffic, and you catch all green lights. You pull into the J, the sun is shining, and you near the front of carline. Camp staff greet you with a smile (behind their mask) and their eyes are shining bright. After the required temperature and health screening questions, your child goes off with friends that they will have for life. You are on your way, feeling confident that your child is in great hands and ready for the summer of a lifetime. Picture this, part two: You pull up to PM carline, a few cars ahead of you, groups of kids to your left. To the untrained eye it’s a bunch of kids milling about but you know that they are heading to carline. Smiles and laughter abound!  Staff calls out names, you show your car tag, say hi, and here comes your child, smiling and happy to see you, excited to share their day.  They tell you about a new friend that joined their bunk and how they helped them win a game of GaGa. You are handed an “art” project that looks like a mound of clay but is the coolest tower they have ever made. You pull away, staff says goodbye, calling you both by name. A great camp day!  This is what I strive for with each family and each day. I want your camper to make friends, try new things, feel proud of what they accomplished, and leaving camp already looking forward to returning the next day. As we look ahead to 2021, we learned much from 2020 and are already preparing for next summer to begin. 

As we planned for last summer, there were 
moments of question – will we be able to open and provide quality, meaningful experiences for our campers while staying in compliance with the state guidelines and procedures? How might this look?  Thankfully, our families, staff, and campers adjusted quickly, and the summer ran even better than we envisioned.  We made a difference in the lives of children needing to be kids and families that needed a safe place for them to be.  Wreimagined our systems as we learned from this experience: cleaning and disinfecting more efficiently, moving indoor activities outdoors, requiring masks for children when the governor ordered it But nothing took away from the magic we were creating for children that just needed to be kids. 

As I read through the 2020 surveys, I am proud.  Proud of our staff that showed up each day ready to bring their ruach (spirit) to the campers that they worked with. Proud of our parents for supporting our new procedures. Proud of our campers for coming each day with smiles, open minds, excitement, and their willingness to embrace change. I learned the most from our campers this summer, which is just one reason why I love working with children.
I am energized to create a safe 2021 summer that reflects our Camp JCC values: Kavod (respect/honor), Yosher (honesty/integrity), Kehilla (community/responsibility) & Chesed (kindness/caring). With these values at the forefront, the experiences that will come are sure to be memorable and priceless. Survey results indicated that instructional swim and camp wide special events were two areas that were missed the most. Along with the J’s aquatics team, we will ensure that instructional swim is at the top of our list when evaluating our 2021 program elements. There are many resources at my disposal as I prepare for 2021. My Jewish day camp colleagues provide me with a wealth of knowledge and experience including last summer.

There are many professional resources at my disposal, blogs, webinars, conferences, and a new mentorship program. I am committed to this so that I can plan and execute our very best and informed experiences to your campers. 

As always, I am here for you! 

B’Shalom (in peace), 
Carrie Kee 

  Frequently asked questions  

Will Camp JCC be open summer 2021?

Yes, we anticipate being able to operate for 9 to 11 weeks depending on the BSD school calendarThese weeks will be open to those entering 1st to 8th grade in fall of 2021. Select weeks will be open for teens entering 9th or 10th grade.  

Will Camp JCC be open to all community members?

Yes, we do not foresee needing to limit our registration to members only or to essential personnel for example. We are anticipating being able to accept registrations from anyone who completes the registration process in its entirety, including deposits.

What grades will you serve this summer?

Currently, we are planning to offer traditional day camp to those entering grades 1 to 8 in the fall of 2021. We also have plans to introduce revised Leader in Training sessions this summer for teens entering 9th or 10th grade. 

What will your hours of Camp look like this summer?

The plan right now is to offer program hours from 8am to 5pm. As we move through the school year, we will continue to monitor the recommendations for keeping groups as stable as possible and adjust our plan when needed.  

Will you provide bus transportation?

No, we do not have plans to provide bus transportation. We will continue to monitor youth & camp guidelines as well as the modifications made by schools utilizing bus transportation. Should we feel that we can safely provide bus transportation from Ohev Shalom in Wallingford, PA we will communicate such with our families and the community of Ohev Shalom. 

When will Camp JCC registration for summer 2021 open? 

We have a target date of Monday, January 4, 2021. The registration will be solely online using our JCC program software  Daxko.  

What COVID related policies will be in place for summer 2021? 

We anticipate having to follow much of the same procedures as we did in 2020. We will keep the bunks to reduced numbers and avoid mixing bunks during activities and transitions. Masks will be required as stated by the DPH. Frequent handwashing will be incorporated. Disinfecting of shared materials. All of the COVID related policies and procedures will be outlined in the Camp JCC Handbook for families.  

Should we expect an increase in Camp JCC fees this upcoming summer? 

No, we will not be raising the camp rates this year. You will see $310/week for members and $335/week for non-members with a deposit of $25/child/week due at time of registration. 

Will you offer any discounts this summer? 

Discounts to our camp program are currently being discussedWe will update this section as soon as possible.  

Will financial assistance be available this year? 

Yes, we have a rolling application process for financial aid. Please make every effort possible to complete the financial aid application in its entirety and submit by April 19, 2021. Financial assistance is initially prioritized in the following order, 1) returning campers who are JCC members, 2) returning campers who are not JCC members, 3) new campers who are JCC members, 4) new campers who are not JCC members. More information about financial aid and the application can be found here 

What is the cancellation/refund policy when my summer plans change

In an effort to be as supportive as possible to our families we will allow for cancellations without financial penalty through May 17, 2021, meaning you will be refunded your deposit per child for cancelled weeks. After May 17, 2021 any cancellations will forfeit their weekly deposit per child but receive any additional money paid towards camp feesChanges to a camper’s schedule after May 17, 2021 will incur a $25 administrative fee per instance of changes.  

What is the refund policy when COVID closures or exclusions are required?

This section will be updated as we move through the year. Please know that if Camp JCC needs to close, full refunds will be issued to families affected. Should an individual need to quarantine during any of their registered weeks, we will work with that family to reschedule their camp week &/or discuss a partial refund.  

Need help? Contact Carrie Kee, Camp Director, at (302) 478-5660 or 

101 Garden of Eden Road

Wilmington, DE 19803


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