Jewish Culture with Meri

Date: August 13, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join Meri Weiss for Jewish Culture discussions every Thursday afternoon via Zoom. Register here:

Topics for July:

  • July 2nd - Patriotism - Jews have often been accused of having “dual-loyalty” and caring more about Israel than the United States.  We’ll explore the history of this claim and what Judaism has to say about being patriotic.
  • July 9th - Critical Thinking pt 1 - Does Judaism ask us for blind faith?  What is the role of science in Judaism?
  • July 16th - Critical Thinking pt 2 - how do we know what is true?  Are there different types of truth?
  • July 23rd - Kosher - more than just food, something being “kosher” indicates it is moral and correct.  How do we apply kashrut to things we don’t eat?
  • July 30th - History - Is the Torah an accurate guide to Jewish history?  What about school textbooks?  Encyclopedias and atlases?  We’ll talk about how to evaluate sources, and fill in the gaps in our education.

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