INDOOR POOL: The air temperature in the indoor pool might be a few degrees lower than normal for the next few days. Please plan accordingly by bringing a robe or something warm to wrap yourself in when you get out of the water.
EVENT UPDATE: Sunday Family Funday will be held in conjunction with Latke Fest in the Auditorium this week with a sing-a-long with Silly Joe, crafts, and latke tasting! It will be held from 10:30 AM - 12 PM.

Specialty Camp

Specialty Camps Available: Click to Register!

Specialty Camps provide a wide assortment of unique experiences based around specific interest areas while still getting a quality camp experience. Our counselors support our vendors in their areas and take the campers to afternoon free swim and snack. We pride ourselves in finding new and exciting programs every year for your campers to enjoy!


Entering Grades 3-6: Week 6 &

Entering Grades 7-9: Week 7

Modern Robotics: Created by an award-winning university professor with a Ph.D. in Robotics, LocoRobo provides curious students with a high-energy 5 day immersion program into the world of modern digital technology. Learn all about real-world coding and robotics, algorithms, sensors, 3D design, drone science and much more. Engage in action-packed coding exercises and challenges all week long! Our program allows any student with an interest in modern technology to develop their skills while making friends and having fun. Both age groups will work with challenges that meet their independent skill levels.

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Entering Grades 3-7: Week 8

3D Game Development: Are you ready to pour all your most epic ideas into your own unique 3D adventure game? A time traveling fairy warrior? Sure! A wilderness adventure map with a death-defying sand storm and a swarm of ultra-powerful enemies? You bet! In this camp kids learn the fundamentals of Coding in C# and Game Development in Unity® to create their own video game. Campers will also learn industry-standard game design concepts and gameplay mechanics such as checkpoints, pickups, and powerups to make their game both challenging and fun to play!

At the end of camp, kids will walk away with an awesome 3D game they’ll be proud to share with friends and family! They’ll also be able to access the online version of the course after camp, including video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and new challenges so they can keep using their new skills!

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Tech Stars: Computer Explorers

Entering Grades 1-3: Week 7

Scratch Jr: Coding is the new literacy! With Scratch Jr, young children can program their own interactive stories and games.  In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the iPad. Create an animal race, a spooky forest, a dance party or play basketball.  Add in sounds you record and photos you take for your own interesting and unique project.

Entering Grades 1-3 Week 2 &

Entering Grades 4-6: Weeks 5 & 9

Minecraft Edu: Follow us on a story of survival on a desert island. Campers will work together offline in our own Minecraft World hosted on a private server. Gradually gaining more creative freedom as you learn the tools of Minecraft, you will find ways to survive creating everything from scratch using just Minecraft blocks, your mining and crafting talents,  and your imagination and ingenuity. 

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Wizards and Warriors

Entering Grades 4-7: Week 7

Wizards and Warriors: Get lost in a world of Fantasy and Fun! Campers will learn the fundamentals of Live-Action Roleplaying (LARPing). Campers will develop skills, from engaging in social interaction as characters they create to making and maintaining their costumes and equipment. They will also get to participate in light-touch fantasy combat with foam weapons and bean bags.

Outdoor Adventure

Entering Grades 3-7: Week 9

Outdoor Adventure: Experience the wild outdoors from the safety of the J! Returning instructor and avid Outdoor Enthusiast Mike Moran will lead campers as they learn valuable outdoor skills. Ever wonder how to set up a tent and campsite, what to pack on long hikes, and how to perform wilderness first aid? Ever want to learn flora and fauna identification and leave-no-trace techniques to be eco-friendly? You'll get to do all that here! Campers will also get to camp out overnight at the JCC on Thursday night, each a kosher campfire dinner, and sleep under the stars!

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Entering Grades 1-3: Week 5 &

Entering Grades 4-6: Week 3

Cooking: Owner of It’s Simply Delicious, Lynn Hanna, will share her love and knowledge of cooking, baking, prepping, and all things kitchen! The campers will not only learn new recipes but they will learn about healthy lifestyles. We will incorporate nutrition and fitness with daily JCade games!

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Creative Arts

Entering Grades 1-3: Week 6

Gemcraft & Jewelry Making: Use stones, beads and paper to create handmade bracelets, necklaces and more. Use a variety of materials to create colorful accessories and art projects. Exchange your new jewelry with friends in class and show off your colorful creations.

Entering Grades 1-3: Week 8

Creative Cartoons: Don’t just watch cartoons, create them! Learn how to use basic shapes in drawing your favorite cartoon characters or make your own. Use colored pencils and paints to bring your characters to life and make your own story.

Entering Grades 4-6: Week 2 

Messy is Marvelous: Use paints and arts materials in unusual and messy ways! Paint with bubbles, make slime, use string as a paint brush and have fun all week long being creative and making an artistic mess.

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