INDOOR POOL: The air temperature in the indoor pool might be a few degrees lower than normal for the next few days. Please plan accordingly by bringing a robe or something warm to wrap yourself in when you get out of the water.
EVENT UPDATE: Sunday Family Funday will be held in conjunction with Latke Fest in the Auditorium this week with a sing-a-long with Silly Joe, crafts, and latke tasting! It will be held from 10:30 AM - 12 PM.

Teen Camp

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Teen Camps  |  Entering grades 7-10

This is a great camp option for families trying to transition into new schedules with independently minded teenagers.  Too young for a full-time paying job, and not old enough maybe to stay home on their own weeks at a time, Camp JCC knows how to keep teenagers engaged for summer fun!  Plus, we encourage our teens to sign up together as these summer months are all about hanging out with your friends together! With a campus full of activities along with a variety of specialty camps planned throughout the summer just for groups of teenagers, we encourage you and your teen to look at a few weeks at a time, a leadership experience or even "geeking out" with robots and wizards. Your teen can bring their friends along or discover new friends with the same interests.  Summer is about fun with friends at this age!

  • Fun and enriching activities for our oldest campers
  • Fostering their growing needs for autonomy, and providing guidance in decision making processes
  • Helping them develop the skills needed to pair their budding independence with their desire to belong

Teen Travel  |  Entering Grades 7-9: $372 per week

  • Splash Camp - Teens will love tubing and spending all day at area water parks - (Week 4 Only - July 3rd - July 7th )
  • Adventure Camp - Teens will spend the week testing their limits outdoors with activities such as paint balling, parkour, go-kart racing; and roller coasters - (Week 7 Only - July 24th - 28th)

Leaders in Training (LITs)  |  Entering Grades 8-9: $390 per 2-week session

  • 2-week long sessions   
  • Hands-on training and team building, which includes use of our challenge course and the JCade facility
  • LIT’s will work together on service projects during their sessions
  • LIT’s will spend time with the activity and bunk counselors each week to gain real experience in how to lead programming for campers
  • LIT’s will travel each week to popular field trip destinations in the area

Counselors in Training (CITs)  |  Entering Grade 10: $600 per 4-week session

If you have a young person who will be entering 10th grade in the fall and is thinking about a future summer job as a camp counselor, our CIT program is an ideal "practice-run" to see if they can handle the responsibility of meeting a daily schedule, being accountable for a group of younger children and maintaining calm under pressure from a full day of activities.  Since the minimum commitment is 4 weeks, but ideally  we do like to have our CITs for the whole summer, our scheduling keeps family vacation plans in mind.  Here are the highlights of CITs' experiences:

  • 4-week long sessions - two time-periods for your selection
  • Have fun at Camp JCC while getting hands on training working with campers and counselors
  • Participate in team building from the perspective of a participant and as a team leader
  • CIT’s will spend time with the specialists and bunks each week to gain real experience working with children and staff
  • Spend time with their fellow CIT’s and gain insight on how to turn their CIT lessons into resume- building experiences

Specialty Camps Available to Teens

This year we have a number of Specialty Camps that have been made available to our Teen age group. For more information on the following, click here.

  • LocoRobo- Modern Robotics: Week 7 (July 24th - 28th) is exclusive to students in grades 7 through 9.
  • Wizards and Warriors: Week 7 (July 24th - 28th) is exclusive to students in grades 4 through 7.
  • YouthDigital- 3D Game Development: Week 8 (July 31st - August 4th) has groups up to 7th grade
  • Outdoor Adventure: Week 9 ( August 7th - 11th ) has groups up to 7th grade

Questions? Please contact us at or 302-478-5660 ext. 441


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