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Group Swim CLASSES

Learn to swim this summer at the J with group swim lessons, private swim lessons, or toddler time! 

Summer swim lesson information and schedule

Registration is available online (via the link below), in person, or over the phone (302-478-5660)



Learn-to-Swim teaches people of varying ages and abilities how to swim skillfully and safely. Each level includes training in basic water safety in addition to aquatic and safety skills taught in a logical progression. At least one instructor in each class has successfully completed American Red Cross training and is a certified Water Safety Instructor!

American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim will be offered in 8-week sessions each season and is designed for swimmers ages 6 months and above. Each level will be offered at least twice/week. American Red Cross Preschool Aquatics will be offered once/week on Thursday afternoons.

Preschool Aquatics

Our Preschool Aquatics group swim program is designed to orient young preschoolers to the aquatic environment and help them gain basic aquatic skills. Participants start learning how to be safe around water.

Home school Swim Lessons

This 8-week program gives homeschoolers an opportunity for physical education and to spend time with swimming friends in the Indoor Pool! We offer two groups: a Swim Class for beginner swimmers (ages 3 and above) and a Stroke Mechanics and Conditioning class for more experienced swimmers.

Stay tuned for Fall schedule!

Private Swim Lessons

Swimming helps to develop cardiovascular endurance for aerobic exercises, the most important factor of physical fitness. Since all major muscle groups are used in swimming, muscles develop in good proportion. No other sport does this as well as swimming. It also helps develop superior coordination because it requires a combination of complex movements of all parts of the body, enhancing muscle function, balance, and range of motion. Swimming is the most injury-free of all sports.

Private lessons are recommended primarily for those who have an extreme fear of the water, as well as swimmers who otherwise need special attention. Each class provides the one-on-one instruction needed for the swimmer to excel.

30 Minute Private Swim Lesson

Fee: $30.00 (Member) / $37.00 (Non-Member)

45 Minute Private Swim Lesson

Fee: $45.00 (Member) / $52.00 (Non-Member)

How to Schedule a Private Swim Lesson

contact Steph Kegelman at 302-478-5660.



Employment opportunities are available for those aged 15 and older.
Contact Steph Kegelman at 302-478-5660  for more information.


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