Ann & Abbs Gettin' Abs: Day 1

Posted by: Abby Schreiber on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What. A. Wake-up Call.

I don't think either of us were expecting to discover how out of shape we were...but we are.  The women in this class put us to shame!  Still, we had an amazing first class. 

Kathleen, the instructor, makes simple workouts fun by adding upbeat music and constantly changing the steps. 

"It's a perfect blend of cardio and resistance training," she said. "It doesn't get boring." And she's right. The class starts with about half an hour of cardio that passersby may almost mistake for Zumba; it's entertaining and exhausting. There's a break in between cardio and core where you do work with hand weights, which are provided to you. The moves are straightforward, like lunges, squats, and curls. 

Core was where the challenge lay. While none of the moves are difficult, Kathleen makes sure that each attendee does the move properly. Her focus is on form, not duration. I thought crunches were easy...until Kathleen explained to me how to keep my back flat and legs positioned. I could really feel the muscles working!

We stretched out at the end of the class, which allowed us to feel the results of the day's workout. While the class is advertised as "easy," don't think that means it isn't worth your time if you want to work out! You will absolutely feel the burn, but it's a burn that anyone, young, old, athletically inclined or not, can achieve. 



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