Posted by: Abby Schreiber on Thursday, July 6, 2017

I. Am. So. Tired. But am thankful for AJ with every aching muscle of my body. She is the queen of pushing you to the edge without pushing you off. 

I never feel like I can't do something with AJ, even when it's probably something I actually can't do. Example: I have horrible hips. They are all out of whack. So when I was doing deadlifts today, AJ worked with me to do...something that was similar to the circuit, even if my body wouldn't move the way I wanted it to. Gradual strengthening is what it's all about in AJ's classes. Strengthening and suffering. 

I am in awe of the women who take this class weekly. Boot camp is similar to HIIT in its circuit training set up, but unlike HIIT, the ball is less in the trainer's court; you know how long you have to work at each exercise before you start it, and you always know what's around the corner. Personally, I prefer that: the enemy I know is better than the enemy I don't know. Also unlike hit, you don't have a partner. You move throughout the room in a Z-like formation, going to different "stations," including (but not limited to) burpees, hitting a tire with a sledgehammer, pull ups, pulling a weighted tire up a rope, planks, pushing/flipping a tire over down the hallway... yeah, there are a lot of tires.

I left class today feeling beat, but energized. I am no longer energized. But I still feel good. I think any time you complete a high intensity class, you're allowed to feel a twinge of victory. 

P.S. We had a special guest today! Shout out to Becky, featured in the video, who said she'll be joining us at least once a week! 


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