Top Ten Best Reasons to Work at Camp JCC Delaware

Posted by: Matt Moran on Saturday, July 8, 2017
Best Reasons to Work at Camp JCC

Top Ten Best Reasons to Work at Camp JCC Delaware

So you are looking for a summer job, but you don’t know what you want out of your time? You think you might want to work at a summer camp, but you wonder what it will look like on your resume? You may be missing out on an experience that will shape your future career and how you approach work for the rest of your life. Working at a summer camp teaches important 21st Century Skills, and Camp JCC Delaware will tell you how to use them.

  1. Critical Thinking

    Working at a summer camp might seem like it’s all fun and games on the surface, but it presents genuine challenges that have to be resolved, with each day presenting new and different opportunities from which to learn. How? Camp is fun and games… with a few hundred children… and you are in charge of the fun. Every one of the campers you are responsible are individuals with their own specific needs and desires, many of which will be in conflict with each other. Every new day is a puzzle that you must solve, and more importantly, you’ll want to solve. The immediate satisfaction of providing a fantastic camp experience to your group is like nothing else.
  2. Creativity and Flexibility

    How does that critical thinking get put to the test? At an office job, “rain” just means that you might need to leave early to get to work. At camp, it means all the activities you’ve planned need to be revisited. How are you going to make your obstacle course work now that you’re inside the gym? What game can we play that is just as fun as the slip n slide the campers were hoping to visit before the sky opened up? You’ll have to stretch your thinking to come up with answers that will satisfy your group, because they are looking to you as their leader.
  3. Collaboration

    You won’t have to make these decisions alone; you’ll have your fellow staff to work on them with you. Every project is a group project when you are sharing space with other campers. Camp JCC Delaware has many levels within our staffing structure so that you always have the support you need to make your campers’ day the best it can be.
  4. Communication

    Every camper has a different way of listening and providing feedback, and you are going to learn all of them. Whether it is the non-verbal cues before an argument, the rapid retelling of the amazing drone demo you all just witnessed, or the subtle smile on a shy kid’s face when they finally participate with the group, you will be developing new ways to understand and present information. When you’ve finally gotten it through that, no, it is not the best choice to climb up the tree and take the bird’s nest home, you’ll know that you have built a clear communication channel.
  5. Leadership

    You will be in a leadership position because every child in your group will be looking to you for the example you set. Every camp job is a leadership position, and the skill you use to manage your group is applicable to management styles in every other career field.
  6. Initiative

    You will become a self-starter. You will learn the levels of input and engagement you need to put in to be successful, not just relying on what your day-to-day responsibilities are but feeling out what specific energy you need to bring to your group to make it a successful season.
  7. Productivity

    Need to learn how to manage your efficiency while being surrounded by distractions? How about taking attendance while 12 second graders who all need to use the bathroom while simultaneously telling you about their favorite Pokémon. You will learn how to stay focused on completed your necessary tasks no matter what is going on around you.
  8. Social Skills

    All day you will be networking: with your campers, with our fellow staff, with parents at drop-off and pick up. If you want to dive in deep to make yourself more personable, summer camp is the place to learn many facets of interaction.
  9. How Many Summers Until the “Real World” Sets In? Might as Well Stand Out

    We get it. Internships and assistantships seem like the right choice because they are the “grown-up” options for how your summer should be spent. But we can’t tell you how many times we’ve interacted with members of the professional world who used to be camp staff who wish they could have spent just one more summer at their camp. And it is not just wistful nostalgia, they truly believe that one more summer at camp would have been more worth while to their development than whatever internship they landed. Plus, everyone who lands an internship will have the same single line on their CV. Having camp on your resume, with all the skills you’ve built up ready to be on display? That sets you apart from the pack.
  10. Camp Can be a Career

    What, did you think we just disappear into the woods into the fall just to trot back out again for registration? Camp can be your career! Summer Camps are part of a rapidly expanding market as parents are beginning to understand the value of a camp experience to strengthen their children’s characters outside of the classroom. You could ride the wave with us and start making your mark on the youth of tomorrow by joining us today.


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