Ann & Abbs Gettin' Abs: Day 13

Posted by: Abby Schreiber on Monday, July 10, 2017

I was tired this morning. Like, painfully tired. So tired that I even turned to Anna at one point and said, "Why did we decide that the same class with a different trainer counted as a different class? Why do we need to go to HIIT again?" 

Yeah, Kathleen made that abundantly clear. 

HIIT was, as per usual, intense. I mean, intensity is literally in the name. It is simultaneously the stuff of nightmares and the thing I could most see myself continuing to do after this series is over. I feel so good after accomplishing a HIIT workout, even one as different from the last one as today's was.

Kathleen doesn't split you into pairs; it's every person for themselves. You start with a "warm up" run, AKA a total of 7 laps around the gym. For someone who hadn't worked out since Friday, I was ready to quit there. And then, I saw Kathleen's smiling face and was, once again, infected by her energy. I never feel like I can't do things when I'm in Kathleen's class. She's always so positive, and she only comes to assist when it looks like you're doing the movement incorrectly; her instruction is never belittling. 

One HIIT class is not like another, but both HIITs will make you feel like you're on top of the world...and also like the world is crushing every single one of your muscles. Do it.


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