ANN & ABBS GETTIN' ABS: DAY 14 (Class 2)

Posted by: Abby Schreiber on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Okay, so this was the second of workouts we did today. I feel like that has to be evidence of increased stamina, right?

Anyway, the last spin class we took was intense. Maybe too intense for me; an hour of spin was a little more than I could handle (though, of course, many loved it.) I was thinking Spin just wasn't for me. But this class with Dara really changed my perspective.

Apparently, this was her first time teaching a class ever, but you wouldn't know it; she totally motivated the us to keep moving. She had 3 different main positions that she taught us in the beginning, and she'd call them out to us in the middle of songs. "1! Go to a 2! 3! Now back to 1!"

It was a pretty fast paced class (I guess that's why they call it Power Spin), but it was definitely doable. Granted, the class was only 30 minutes, but in my last spin class, I was ready to fall off my bike by then. Dara totally made me want to keep going. Recommend! 


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