ANN & ABBS GETTIN' ABS: DAY 14 (Class 3)

Posted by: Abby Schreiber on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Three. Classes. In one. Day. I feel like a noodle. 

Mat Pilates is not Yoga. Do not walk into a Pilates class thinking that it's just going to be core-intensive Yoga. It is bending, yes, and it's being in touch with the body, but it is very different. And it's HARD.

In pilates, Maryann made it clear that you stay on the ground. You are focusing on the core for the post part, so any lifting you do is going to be with your abs. 

There were definitely regulars in attendance, because Maryann's fast pace seemed to deter few. It's clear that pilates is in her blood; it's become as natural as breathing to her, and I am envious of that. It's inspiring to watch.


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