Top Five Amazing Camp Experiences at Camp JCC Delaware

Posted by: Matt Moran on Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Amazing Experiences at Camp JCC

Top Five Amazing Summer Camp Experiences at Camp JCC Delaware

  1. Amazing Staff Relationships

    We take the term “Counselor” seriously. Our staff members aren’t here to baby-sit; they are here to make an impact in every child’s life. We counsel our campers through the challenges that come up in a camp environment: how to handle losing a game when you’ve put forth your best effort; how to apologize when you have made a mistake or a bad choice; how to resolve conflicts with peers, especially when it is a close friend. Our staff are trained to meet campers at their level and to speak respectfully, behaving like a leader while also allowing the campers to make their own decisions. We remind our staff that we were all once children, and that we should always be the person we needed when we were younger.
  2. Activities that Empower Campers

    Our camp is not a passive experience; our campers come here to do. Whether it is constructive competition or unstructured play time, activity is built into ever camper’s schedule. At Camp JCC Delaware, there is no sitting on the sidelines. We make it so that there is participation available at every comfort level, designed for the developmental needs of each group.

    Engagement is the tool we use to accomplish our goals, as it is one of the most powerful motivations in a child’s life. We focus on 21st Century Skills, not just measuring whether or not a camper can complete a task, but how they process the tasks before, during, and after, and how they communicate those thoughts to others. Through the act of play, the staff members of Camp JCC Delaware guide campers in becoming the insightful, self-valuing person they are meant to be.

  3. Engaging Field Trips

    Do you want you camper to get the most out of their summer? Do they have a place they’ve been begging you to take them but you don’t have the time? (Or, would you rather have dental surgery while awake than go anywhere with “family fun center” in the title?) No problem! We’ll take them. Our Traditional Camp has weekly field trips tailored to the age groups of our campers. Many trips have activities that aren’t available during the school year, so every trip is new and different!
  4. Color Wars (and the Mud Pit)

    What team are you on? This whole week is dedicated to amazing and engaging competitions as Camp JCC splits into four teams vying to win the week. We gamify every activity, from Arts and Crafts to Nature, and tally up points in the following Categories: Competitive (how well you played), Sportsmanship (how well you treated the other teams), Teamwork (how well you worked as a group), and Spirit (how you maintained excitement). At the end of the week we get messy, as we compete in a series of challenges that includes our infamous Mud Pit. (No worries, we hose them down before we send them home.)
  5. Bonds to Remember

    Here’s the big secret of the last day of camp: our campers end the day crying. Now, I know that might not seem like a selling point at first, but let me tell you that there is no connection made as strongly and as quickly as a camp friendship. Camp JCC Delaware prides ourselves as the place where each person in every group has an unforgettable memory with every other person in that group. The friends we make at Camp JCC Delaware are the ones we have for the rest of our lives. Even as we grow up and move away, our camp friends stay with us in our hearts with everything they taught us, about themselves and about who we are as a person.


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