5 Things to do at the J Before Work

Posted by: Abby Schreiber on Tuesday, February 5, 2019
  1. Go for a swim.

One of the best perks of your membership is one of our biggest...physically, that is! Our indoor pool opens at 5:30 AM on weekdays. Come on out during our quieter hours. The privacy calls for more relaxation in addition to an amazing workout. And, since you’re already wet, that morning shower won’t feel as hard to get up for!


  1. Head to the fitness center.

The science behind early morning swims is the same as an early morning run: cardio, cardio, cardio! Starting your day off with cardiovascular exercise before eating is a great way to increase metabolism! Our fitness center has over 45 pieces of equipment, not counting our free weights, kettlebells, and resistance bands. Beat the rush and gain a rush of adrenaline to start your day.


  1. Take a group exercise class!

We offer classes before 9 AM every day of the week, but if that’s not early enough to get you in on time, don’t worry! We have classes even earlier Tuesdays through Fridays. Is yoga your thing? Take our Rise-And-Shine Yoga class. Looking for high intensity? We have HIIT and Boot Camp! Interested in trying out Spin? An early morning bike session is the best way to test your sea (or spin) legs! These classes are free with your membership, so bring a buddy!


  1. Shoot some hoops.

 Who’s ready to work on their 3-pointer? Our gymnasium has different open hours throughout the week, but it is always open and available at the start of the day. Not interested in basketball? That’s okay: you can use the gym for whatever workout you need. Our space is your space.


  1. Grab a coffee.

How often do you come in our front entrance? We open the doors at 8 AM, so stop by for a free cup of coffee! Our “J Cafe” station has a multitude of K-Cup options for you to choose from. Now, enjoy that coffeehouse vibe with our lobby music!


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