SUN, NOV 24: The Indoor Pool will close at 11 AM for a swim meet. Sunday Family Funday will be held in the Auditorium.

Donate to Our Endowments

Our endowment funds are where past and present come together!  Many of our funds remember a dear friend or family member no longer with the J while sharing their love of our center through each of the various funds' mandates.  We have 25 different funds for you to choose from, and each one has its own story to tell.

YES! I/We would like to donate to one of the funds and endowments listed below:

  • J General Fund
  • Ruth and Bernard Siegel Endowment Fund
  • Howard H. Simon Youth Scholarship Fund
  • Sylvia & Isadore N. Silverman Scholarship
  • Stanley W. Balick Memorial Fund (Supports Camp Scholarships)
  • Mark J. Caplan Youth Sports Fund
  • Frank & Yetta Chaiken Camp Scholarship Fund
  • Early Childhood Center Library Fund
  • Early Childhood Center Professional Staff Development Fund
  • Dan Ehrenfeld Memorial Fund (Supports Aquatics Department)
  • Friends of the Senior Center Fund
  • Paul Green Memorial Fund (Supports Pincus/Grant Fitness Center)
  • Jack S. Jacobs M.D. Infant Care Fund
  • Martin I. Lubaroff Memorial Fund (Supports camp and children scholarships)
  • Doris & Irving Morris Leadership Forum Fund
  • Lenny Rubin Memorial Fund (Supports Early Childhood Ethical Start Programs)
  • Second Century Fund (Honors past leadership)
  • Richard I. Silverman Youth Football Fund
  • Sol Toumarkine Family Education Fund
  • Barbara Weiner Memorial Fund (Supports Leadership Conference)
  • Gladys & George Weiner Art Gallery Program Fund
  • Harry David Zutz & George J. Weiner Camp/ECC Scholarship Fund
  • Aerenson/Weiner Education Fund (Supports programming)
  • Endowment Professional Fund (Hire staff for establishing an endowment fund)
  • Laura Fogel Schagrin Fund (Supports child care and camp scholarships)
  • Henry Nord Scholarship Fund (Supports camp scholarships)
  • Podalsky Lunch and Learn Fund (Supports speakers and guests for Senior Center)
  • J Adult Center Fund (Supports Adult programming)
  • The Zucker Fund for Special Needs Youth

We truly value your support. Please consider this opportunity to make a community impact. Donations are tax deductible.

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