Benefits & Policies

Membership Policies

Application Fee
All new full members (who have not had a J membership in the past year) will pay a one-time enrollment fee and a one-time processing fee at time of joining.

Category Changes
Any change to a membership category is the responsibility of the member.  These changes will be instituted at the time of membership renewal.

Cancellation of Membership
J memberships are initially for one year.  Members who wish to cancel their membership after their first year may do so with 30 days written notice. Members are responsible for 30 days of membership dues at the time of notification.  If membership is cancelled prior to the completion of the first year, the remaining dues for the year will be charged.

Membership Freeze
If you are unable to use the J facilities for an extended period due to travel, illness, or injury, please notify the membership department in writing. Full Memberships can be placed on “freeze” one time in a membership year for up to three consecutive months, at which time there will be no dues or fees charged. Early Childhood Center members cannot freeze their memberships because an active Family membership is required.

Membership ID Cards
Membership ID Cards allow access to areas of the J in which you are a registered user. Membership ID Cards are required to access areas of the J facility and campus. If your Membership ID Card is lost or stolen, notify the membership office immediately. A new card will be issued for $10. If your membership is not renewed, you must return your card(s) to the membership office.

Financial Aid/Scholarships
Financial Aid may be available based on income and circumstances. Proof of income and other additional documents are required to proceed in this process. Additional information and forms are available at the J's Front Desk and on our website. All information is kept strictly confidential. All program registration deadlines apply. Financial Aid is not guaranteed.  If you are receiving Financial Aid, you must reapply each year if you are still in need of assistance.

Access Control
Entrance to the J's facilities is restricted to members and visitors having a valid reason for entering the facilities. Your J Membership ID Card must be with you at all times. In facilities that use a swipe/buzzer system to control entry, do not allow anyone who is not in your party to enter the building with you. It is important that each member scan their ID card to enter and each visitor use the intercom system for entry.

Fitness Center Age policies

  • Children under the age of 12
    • Not permitted in the Fitness Center under any circumstances
  • Children aged 12-13
    • Must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) who remains immediately next to them at all times
    • May only use the cardio equipment
    • Parents must sign a Waiver/Parental Permission Form that is filed in the Fitness Center
  • Children aged 14-15
    • May use the cardio equipment unsupervised
    • May use the weight training equipment unsupervised by an adult IF they have gone through an orientation at the JCC with a JCC trainer
    • Parents must sign a Waiver/Parental Permission Form that is filed in the Fitness Center
    • Must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) who remains immediately next to them at all times when using the weight training equipment if they have NOT gone through an orientation at the JCC with a JCC trainer
  • Children aged 16-17
    • Have full adult privileges

A waiver may be signed electronically for children ages 12-17 by clicking here

Membership Benefits

Membership Reciprocity
Did you know that your J membership is honored at most JCC’s anywhere in the United States and Canada? The J extends reciprocity to JCC members from other places for two consecutive weeks. A letter from your JCC is required along with your ID for entry.

Corporate Membership
Help your employees gain maximum physical fitness in our state-of-the-art facilities! Corporate Membership can be catered to meet your company’s needs.

Guest Policies

The J is delighted to welcome guests of current members. Guests must be accompanied by a member. All guests and visitors must sign in.

Guest Fees

  • Under the age of 12: $5
  • Ages 12 and up: $10

Safety and Privacy Policies

Dropping Off Children
Children who are under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the J campus at all times unless participating in a J sponsored program that indicates adults need not be in attendance.

Traffic and Parking
Your Membership ID card is needed in order to open the parking lot security access gates. Drive slowly through our parking lots and obey stop signs and designated handicap spaces. Do not park in front of buildings. The Fire Marshal mandates clear passage access for emergency purposes. Illegally parked cars will be towed at owner’s expense.  No Trespassing.

Safety Equipment is Available
There are AED’s (Automatic External Defibulators) located throughout the facility.

Use of Photographs and Video
The J reserves the right to use photographs and images of our members and program participants in newspapers, brochures, magazines, newsletters, promotional videos, and on our website.

Kosher Policy

  1. J Sponsored Programs & Services: On-campus J events should have kosher option(s), but may include unhechsured dairy (i.e., pizza, soft pretzels, veggie trays, alcohol). These options will be labeled appropriately.
    • No mixing of meat and dairy
    • No serving/selling pork, shellfish, or unkosher meat
    • Kitchen and grills remain under Va’ad of Delaware Kosher supervision
  2. Lunches brought in for children to consume during ECC, KidsPlace, or Camp must be non-meat. Food brought in for the entire class must also be non-meat and are required to have a Va’ad approved Kosher symbol on it.
  3. When the J is sponsoring an off campus program: Programs should be kosher; otherwise, kosher style with a kosher option.
  4. Personal Consumption for Members and Guests: Members and guests are asked to consume kosher-style food indoors and outdoors. 
  5. J Facility Rental Policy: Food brought to the J facility may be unhechsured meat and/or unhechsured dairy. Mixing of meat and dairy is allowed. No pork, shellfish, or use of kosher kitchens or grills is permitted.

The J kitchens are supervised by the Va’ad Hakashruth. All groups wishing to utilize our kitchen facilities must conform to Kashruth regulations.

Additional Policies

  • The J is a non smoking facility and campus.
  • There are no pets permitted on or in the J facility or campus.
  • The J reserves the right to terminate a membership.

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